At CADDrafters, we understand how difficult it is for our clients to entrust their most important projects to an outside drafting firm. This concern is only compounded when our client is in another city, state or even country. For this reason, we have developed this question and answer page which addresses some of the more frequently asked questions regarding our firm, services we provide, terms and conditions and procedures. This should hopefully give you a better idea of how best to work with us, what to expect, and hopefully ease your mind a bit before you “take the plunge”.

How Do You Estimate A Project Fee?
Ideally, we prefer to meet with our clients in person at our offices in order to review project requirements, parameters, scope and details as well as client expectations, scheduling and formatting. It always helps if the client brings a sample set representative of similar work completed by the client to help us understand the scope of drawings you require (highly detailed or modestly detailed). After we get a feeling for the level of complexity and detail, we will mutually determine the exact number and type of drawings you will require on the given job (construction plans, ceiling plans, finish plans, elevations, number of detail drawings, millwork details finish details, telephone/electric plans, etc). We then assign an estimate for time on each drawing and for the whole set, including administration time, and coordination of drawings. When we have an estimate of the hours required to complete the drawings, it becomes a simple calculation of Total Hours x Hourly Rate. (Example - # of Hours x Hourly Rate = Total Fee)

How Can I Use Your Services Most Efficiently?
To be most efficient, we suggest that our clients give us ONLY hand drawn design sketches, marked-up samples of similar projects’ details, and pertinent manufacturers’ cuts and product information. Then leave all the CAD Drafting to us. The reason for this is very simple; we are professionals and know how to construct, maintain, and modify drawing environments THE PROPER WAY! At CADDrafters, we spend a great deal of time training our draftspeople to use AUTOCAD correctly. Rarely do our clients provide viable CADD disks. More often, we receive a disk that requires 10-15 hours to correct, when in fact; we can re-draw the entire work the proper way in the same ten hours, or less.

Take This Simple Test
If you honestly understand the advanced aspects of AUTOCAD Drawing on the following list, then send us a disc to look at and we’ll be happy to let you know if we think you’ll save money by doing some of the work yourself.

If you are not sure you fully understand any of the following skills, you’re probably much better off letting CADDrafters do all the drawings in house, so as not to waste time (and money).

    Minimum Basic Autocad Skills
  • Advanced Layer Management
  • Linetypes
  • X-REFS
  • Paper & Model Space Scaling
  • Font & Text Scaling and Styles
  • Raster Image vs. Vector Image
  • Dimensioning
  • Viewports (Multiple Scales)
How Skilled Are Your Employees?
Our staff is typical of any professional office in related architectural fields. CADDrafters staff includes: Licensed Professional Architects, Project Managers, Job Captains, Student Interns, and Intermediate Draftspeople. Many of our employees have extensive experience in large and small professional offices like your own. In addition to practical experience, our employees have a few extra advantages:
  • Relentless Training
  • In house checking by a Job Captain
  • Relentless passion to produce quality work
  • High proficiency in use of AUTOCAD
Our people are so good with AUTOCAD, some of our clients have asked us to train their own staffs what we know. While this is not a service we provide (yet), it reflects the confidence our clients have in the quality and methods of our work.

Employment Opportunities
If you think you’d like to work for CADDrafters, just send us an e-mail with your resume and work experience. Applicants must have AutoCAD drafting experience. We are hiring both Full Time and Part Time positions. All interested persons should Fax their Resume/CV and salary history to the attention of:

Mr. Daniel Goldshtein
212-727-8242 (fax)
Or Email: Danny@caddrafters.com

Who Owns The Rights To Your Work?
All drawings and electronic files created by CADDrafters for Client projects are considered “Instruments of Service” for use only with respect to the given projects for which they were created. CADDrafters shall be deemed the Owner of these drawings (electronic files), and shall retain all common law, statutory, and other reserved rights, including copyright. The Client shall be permitted to retain copies of all drawings, and electronic files, for use and reference in connection with the project. NOTE: CADDrafters reserves the right to not distribute copies of the drawings and electronic files on any delinquent accounts.

CADDrafters agrees not to re-use, re-sell or otherwise profit from proprietary designs, detailing, or other assembly drawings created solely by our clients for specific project conditions. CADDrafters; however reserves the exclusive rights and ownership to all drawings which have been created, resolved, designed, etc. by CADDrafters staff, or drawings which have been modified from previous non-proprietary projects, publicly available manufacturers literature or accepted industry standard publications.

What Drawing Software Do You Use?
AUTOCAD by AUTODESK has become (for very good reason) the software of choice by the architectural industry and the software of choice for CADDrafters as well. Due to the extensive education and training required to master AUTOCAD software, it would be impractical for us to learn additional drawing programs thoroughly and still provide a professional level of service. Our clients have been very well served by the powerful application capability of AUTOCAD. Chances are, you’ll be very impressed too.