In Retaining Caddrafters Services,the Client Agrees To The Following Terms And Conditions Please Read This Page Carefully!

Drawings are produced under the direct supervision of the client, who assumes and maintains full responsibility for the overall accuracy, content, appropriateness, or legality of work requested. Furthermore; CADDrafters, assumes no liability for possible copyright or patent infringements, on work requested by clients. Client agrees to assume all liability for errors & omissions, accuracy, dimensioning, typographic proof reading, and general arrangement of elements.

Client shall provide all project management, supervision, coordination, redlines, sketches, manufacturers info, and other supporting documents required to produce the drawings. We strongly recommend that a manger be assigned to the project to oversee CADDrafters personnel. Any work, found by client to be unacceptable for any reason, shall be returned to CADDrafters immediately for correction, at no additional cost to the client.

CADDrafters requires a Deposit in order to begin any project, from all clients. Deposits may be made with your credit card, or with check. (If Deposit payment is made via check, CADDrafters will require a Credit Card reference (card, name, & number) for our records in order to guarantee payment). Required Deposit is 50% of Estimated Drafting Fee.

Drawings as instruments of service are the property of CADDrafters LLC, until final payment has been made on project, (or project phase) at which time client shall obtain ownership and reproduction rights to the work created by CADDrafters.

Disc’s, CD’s & E-mail
In general, no discs, CD’s or E-mails shall be issued or distributed to any client whose account is delinquent, or whose payments to CADDrafters, have been delayed, withheld, or otherwise ignored. Upon completion of our work, and receipt of final payments, CADDrafters shall provide complete sets of most current electronic files for Client use.

Client agrees to pay all invoices upon receipt. CADDrafters reserves the “RIGHT TO STOP WORK”, and/or withhold drawings and discs on delinquent accounts, or from clients who willfully ignore payment obligations. CADDrafters now accepts all major credit cards for payment. Clients with accounts delinquent past 30 days will be required to provide payment via credit card. Client agrees to bring disputed invoices to the IMMEDIATE ATTENTION of CADDrafters for clarification, correction, and/or credit.

3rd Party Checks
On occasion, CADDrafters will agree to accept payment from your client directly (third party checks); However; you, as the lead CADDrafters client shall agree to fully and unconditionally guarantee these payments and shall bear the full obligation of our payment terms on behalf of your client should the client default or delay in settling delinquent accounts.

Client agrees to pay Overtime Rate of (time + ½) when requiring the following priority services. (Priority services must be requested, and authorized by CADDrafters & Client prior to start of work). Priority Services include: Rush Service, After Hours Service, Weekend Service, & Holiday Services.

Billing Periods
Large survey or drafting projects may be subject to additional weekly or bi-weekly billing at the discretion of CADDrafters. In general, we require PAYMENTS UPON RECEIPT OF INVOICES.

All drawings produced by CADDrafters (as instruments of service) remain the property of CADDrafters, UNTIL final payment is received for our work, upon which the ownership of drawings shall be transferred to the Client. At the end of project, you will receive Floppy Discs, CD Archive Discs, Zip Disks, or E-Mail copies of all completed work, for your records (your choice).

CADDrafters reserves the right to display any and all images created for comparison, advertising, and promotional purposes, unless otherwise requested in writing. Interest
At CADDrafters, we hate to charge interest on delinquent accounts, but we reserve the right to levy the maximum interest permitted by law on any invoice that is willfully unpaid according to the above terms.

Reimbursable Expenses
The client agrees to pay any/all reimbursable expenses incurred by CADDrafters during the course of the work (see attached Reimbursable Schedule) for printing, transmitting, travel, back-ups, e-mail, film processing, scanning, etc. Reimbursable invoices are due upon receipt.

Written Estimates
Client acknowledges that signed agreements represent written estimates of anticipated hours required to produce the work, and that these estimates are not guaranteed prices or upset amounts. Client further assumes all responsibility for management of CADDrafters time expenditures, and for all work requested of CADDrafters staff by the Client, his managers, employees, or related project consultants. CADDrafters shall not be held responsible for design revisions, client changes, poor communications, mismanagement, or inconsistent directions by Client or Client’s managers, which cause increases in original job estimate.